In California, common interest developments such as condominiums and planned communities typically have associations to manage their affairs and enforce their rules. These associations, often called HOAs, are widespread and an increasingly important part of homeownership in California. HOAs have rules and regulations, expressed in part through CC&Rs that govern […]

Understanding HOA’s application of CC&Rs for Solar Systems

Start your new year clearly understanding some of the changes to California and federal employment laws for 2016. A summary of some of the key new laws follows. The effective date of the particular new law is indicated in the heading of the Assembly Bill (AB) and/or Senate Bill (SB). […]


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“In a 3-2 decision involving Browning-Ferris Industries of California, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) refined its standard for determining joint-employer status. The revised standard is designed “to better effectuate the purposes of the Act in the current economic landscape.” With more than 2.87 million of the nation’s workers employed […]

NLRB Expands Scope of Joint Employer Liability

New York County Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe has issued a 33-page decision in the Nonhuman Rights Project’s (NhRP) habeas corpus case on behalf of two chimpanzees being held in captivity in a Stony Brook University laboratory. Justice Jaffe said that “for now” she is bound to follow the previous […]

Cecil, Hercules, & Leo – NonHuman Rights

Many organizations are using predictive analytics to do a better job of selecting candidates. Frequently, pre-employment testing results are evaluated and employees are screened by comparing an applicant’s results with past results of existing employees who have successfully performed and met the organization’s objectives for a specific position. This method […]

Analytics & Employment Discrimination

The United Kingdom is still looking to push major new spying powers into law, despite a report it commissioned advising that they weren’t needed. This is especially concerning to privacy advocates in the US. Both countries are bound by the United Kingdom – United States of America Agreement (UKUSA) is […]

The Battle between Encryption & Spying Powers

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The first judicial ruling in recent years to find that a university failed to provide a fair trial in a sexual misconduct case could have a broad national impact on campus sex misconduct investigations. In the San Diego case, Doe vs. Regents of the Univ. of Ca. San Diego, Superior […]

Students Rights in Sexual Misconduct Cases.

There are all manner of people, sites and services on the web that would rather not appear in your Google search results. If you’re a terrorist (who doesn’t want your identity or location disclosed while posting to updates on social media), a paedophile, a gun-runner, a drug dealer, a sex […]

Memex Search for Privacy on the Deep Dark Web

Defining governments’ exercise of extraterritorial jurisdiction is fundamental in order to enforce laws and protect legal rights. International jurisdiction is often a matter of acquiesces as illustrated this April when Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said that her office had received ample reports of “crimes of […]

The Internet & Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

Even more than security, data ownership is one of the greatest challenges facing cloud adoption in today’s market. You may not realize it, but many companies — from Facebook to Amazon — store your stuff outside the U.S. Your stuff might be stored anywhere in the world. If you are […]

Cloud Data Ownership